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 Tips to Avoid Winter Weight Gain and Gym Supplement

What effective ways have you tried to keep fit? Fasting? Taking a ketogenic diet? Avoiding carbohydrates? Medication? Or wearing latex waist band and pants? Surprisingly, doing exercises is not considered an option by many people. Some people doubt the effect of doing exercise as they rarely do any or just fail to persist on. In the meantime fat builds up if you don’t do enough exercises. You could check which level of physical activity do you do every week, moderate intense or vigorously intense? Or not at all? The big difference will show in 10 years.

How do you gain extra weight?

Weight gain is the result of calorie intake over energy expenditure. We eat various food daily to obtain mineral, vitamin and all kinds of nutrition. Meanwhile we take in calories that these foods contain. When you do any physical activities, you consume energy as well as calorie. But when you stay inactive and do inadequate physical exercises, the surplus calorie will store in the body in the form of fat and put extra weight on you.

Inactive Lifestyle and Fat Related Health Problems

Extra body fat is bad for you body. But compared to the fat lying underneath your skin, visceral fat that surrounds your vital organs in the abdomen cavity is a more serious problem, which is often linked to metabolic disturbances. Excessive fat makes people overweight and even obese, puts them at higher risk of having high blood pressure and cholesterol, gallbladder disease, stroke, coronary heart disease and diabetics, greatly  affect the life quality. Luckily, doing regular exercise can reduce both fat and visceral fat and prevent them from coming back.

Workout Plan to Keep fit

In average, adults are suggested to do 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity each week to achieve fitness.

Moderate intensity exercise refers to the activities that accelerate your heartbeat, including:

  • Brisk walking, dancing
  • Mopping the floor, vacuuming the house, doing grocery in the supermarket, mowing lawn
  • Playing badminton with a partner

Vigorous-intensity activities make people breathe faster and have a much faster heartbeat than at rest, including:

  • Hiking, walking up the stairs.
  • Running, swimming
  • Basketball game, soccer game, taekwondo training
  • Lifting heavy loads, gymnastics, skipping, aerobics.

Sedentary habit has been linked with high risk of chronic disease. So try to move more at home and at work, even 5 minutes of exercise will make a difference.

Fitness Supplement to Help Lose Weight

We recommend three types of fitness supplements which target different ways to lose weight, such as improving metabolism, optimizing work out result and improving gut health.

Total Lean® Burn 60™ 60 Tablets

Total Lean® Burn 60™ 60 Tablets is a powerful thermogenic formula that contains multiple fruit extract, ginger extract and black tea essence. This product can increase calorie expenditure and promote energy by improving metabolism. It responses well to visceral fat, serving as a great daily dietary supplement against fat accumulation.

BodyDynamix® Slimvance® 12X 120 Capsules

Patented Slimvance® herbal formula with no medicine ingredients is safer and mild. BodyDynamix® Slimvance® 12X 120 Capsules is a work-out supplement designed to optimize meal & exercise plans and achieve 12 times more calorie burn, 6 time weight loss and size reduction of hip and waist area. With help of this product , you don’t need to go on a diet to lose weight.

BodyDynamix™ Water Pill 120 Capsules

The patented prebiotic Bimuno® improves gut environment and digestion, relieving bloating and upset stomach. It helps drain excess water in the body and improve edema, shaping a clearer facial contour and skin firmness.

Doing exercise is not only an effective way to lose weight but also a healthy lifestyle that benefits us lifelong. GNC provides a variety of health supplement attending to the overall fitness, helping you lose weight and restore health fast and effective. We never stop looking for better health solution, join GNC and explore the mystery of stronger and quality life together.

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