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Winter Flu Season- Health Supplements to Boost Immunity

Cold and flu(influenza) often occurs in winter. They cause similar symptoms such as runny nose, sneeze, headache, sore throat and fatigue. But if the symptoms continue for more than a week and tends to get worse, and you also suffer from cough, sore throat that feels like pain of blade cut, painful limbs as well as high fever, some may also have diarrhea, you should be warned that you might catch a flu. Studies show that the more common outbreak of flu in winter is related to the reduced sunlight and stronger transmission ability of the virus in cool & dry environment.

Flu, short for influenza, is an acute viral respiratory disease. The four types of flu virus A-B-C-D, among which virus A and B cause seasonal epidemic, can transmit through contact with droplets of a patient and also a contaminated surface. Anyone may catch a flu, but some people have serious complication. The condition may escalate to ear infection, sinus infection, worsening of chronic medical conditions, and even dangerous disease such as bacterial pneumonia, congestive heart failure, asthma, or diabetes. People at higher risk from flu include children under 5 and senior at age 65 and over, pregnant woman, and people with chronic medical condition or has weak immunity. It’s strongly recommended to take the vaccine in time every year to lower the risk of flu complication. However, as the virus types continue to recombine and evolve, the vaccine you took might not effectively resist a specific kind of flu virus, let alone the situation where your vaccination plan falls behind and you are already exposed to the virus. Therefore, Your immunity works as the final barrier to prevent the flu from developing to serious condition. Here are some ways to strengthen your immunity which could help you conquer the flu season.

Advise to Strengthen Your Immunity

  1. Maintain an Adequate Vitamin C Level

Vitamin C is an natural antioxidant. It helps with the production of white blood cell and upgrade the force to defeat virus. A study conducted in 2007 reviewed clinical trials over the past 60 years to understand whether taking 200 milligrams (mg) or more of vitamin C daily can reduce the frequency of catching a cold, shorten cold duration and alleviate cold severity. The results showed that taking vitamin C only after catching a cold does not alleviate cold symptoms or shorten the duration of the cold. However, taking vitamin C every day can  shorten the duration of catching a cold in adults by 8%, and in children by 14%.

  • Eat Various Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Everyday. Super food such as broccoli ,berries and artichokes support the organ function and metabolism. You should take an adequate amount of fresh fruit and vegetable in daily meals. Garlic the spice is undervalued when it comes to prevent flu. It is a complex of a variety of organosulfur compound,

with antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory function. When the virus start to invade through nostril and respiratory tract, it teams up with white blood cells and fight.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Sleep time is the maintenance time for our body. When you sleep, the immune system start to renew and secrete growth hormone, prolactin, melatonin and other hormones. They work together to it promotes the growth and differentiation of immune cells. Let’s get rid of the habit of staying up late and improve sleep depth.

  • Doing Physical Exercises as Every Week Necessity

Doing physical exercises promotes the metabolism and blood circulation, which keeps the cells active. As a result, the metabolism functions well and excretes waste out of the body by different forms. When you exercise, you body release cytokines and chemokines. These substance helps your immune system respond faster and more effectively against bacterial and viral infection. It’s recommended to do exercise three times a week and 40 minutes each time. Especially for people who have chronic medical condition, doing exercise every week will help control the progression of disease.   

Health Supplement to Prevent Flu

If you just find it hard to insist on with the healthy diet and good habit, health supplement may provide a short-cut to build up your immunity against influenza.

GNC Chewable C 100 mg- Chewable Mixed Fruit 360 Vegetarian Tablets

Mixed fruit flavored chewable tablets also suitable for vegetarian. Each tablet contains 100mg of Vitamin C which properly meets the daily demand of vitamin C for adults over 19. Vitamin C not only works with immunity but also supports iron absorption ,bone and teeth health as well as the formation of collagen.

Herbal Plus® Odorless Super Garlic 1100mg 100 Capsules

Garlic is a immunity booster against flu . This super garlic extraction eliminates the annoying odour and unpleasant reaction, providing adequate effective allicin in a simple tablet. Intake of garlic supplement also protects cardiovascular health and helps lower cholesterol level.

Prevention before Cure.Good habit and nutrition intake builds up your immunity and maintains the normal function of the body parts. In the long term of health care, you eventually will get what your grew in the beginning and benefit from persisting on every tiny effort. Join GNC and achieve the mission of healthier and easier life, live mighty, live longer and live fit.

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